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Wild Papua Supreme Oud - Agarwood Oil SALE
Wild Papua Supreme Oud - Agarwood Oil SALE

Wild Papua Supreme Oud - Agarwood Oil

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Wild Papua Supreme Oud

Wild Papua Supreme Oud is among the best grade of Oud oil sourced from the vast forests of Indonesia. The Papua regions contain some of the oldest Aquilaria malaccensis species, rarely accessible. This exquisite Oud offers a rich, thick, earthy aroma at the top, coupled with a smoky, woody base note. As Wild Papua Supreme is worn and exposed to natural body temperature, its fragrance evolves into an entrancing, one-of-a-kind scent. At Ameenroma, we carefully choose our Oud products from permanent sources to guarantee their quality and purity - with no mixtures or additives.

Distilled: July 2013 (11 years ++)
Colour: Dark Brown
Origin: Papua (Indonesia)
Smell: Strong, tabacco filled, earthy, mild sweetness
Applicator: 3ml/ 6ml/ 12ml Glass Bottle with dip stick for a smooth application.

Sampler: 1ml Glass Vial Bottle