About Us

Ameenroma Aromatics specialise in Agarwoods, Oud Oils, Musk and fragrance, Scents.

Internationally recognised for exquisite Ouds, Musk, perfume oils and scents, Ameenroma specialises in supplying a discerning world-wide clientele with a taste for luxury.

Based in Singapore, over the past decade Ameenroma Aromatics has established a trusted reputation of selling an extensive range of prestigious aromatic incense, flavored scents, oil perfumes and precious Agarwoods favoured by many collectors and celebrities for their unique and captivating allure.

The exceptional quality of Ameenroma Aromatics with its long lasting floral, fruity, sensational and oriental notes of sensual rose, flowers, delicate jasmine, exotic sandalwood, pure amber and exclusive Agarwood has made popular choices for an international online clientele seeking individual and distinctive perfumes that stand out from conventional high street fragrances.

Presented in opulent gilded bottle, glass dip sticks and boxed in luxurious well designs, Ameenroma Aromatics makes' the perfect gift for a special occasion. Experience the delight of Ameenroma Aromatics fragrances for yourself or delight a loved one with the true scent of the Orient.