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Royal Oud Mukhallat - Agarwood Oil

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Royal Oud Mukhallat - Agarwood Oil 

Royal Oud Mukhallat is the best of all pure agarwood oil mixes. From the rarest to the best selling. Notes filled with smokey, woody, sweet, spiy, earthy coffee blend. A really one of a kind Oud any collector would love to have.

Mixtures of - Oud Trat Royal, Pure Hindi Sweet Assam, Prachinburi Imperial Oud, Laos Oud Supreme, Sultan Al Cambod, WIld papua supreme, Burmese Super King Oud, Borneo Royal Gunung, Dehn al Oud Pursat, Cambodian Oud Seyufi, Cambodian Royal Oud, Heritage Vietnamese Emperor Oud.

At Ameenroma Aromatics, we hand select our Oud products directly from their sources to make sure of it's quality and purity. Rest assured, our products are 100% pure with no mixtures nor additives. 

  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • Origin: Mixed
  • Smell: Smokey, woody, earthy, spicy, coffee


  1. 3ml Glass Bottle with dip stick for a smooth application.