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Pure Hindi Sweet Assam - Oud Agarwood Oil SALE
Pure Hindi Sweet Assam - Oud Agarwood Oil SALE

Seyufi Dehn Assam - Oud Agarwood Oil

$29.50 USD $50.00 USD

Seyufi Dehn Assam - Oud Agarwood Oil

Seyufi Dehn Assam Oud is carefully crafted using traditional methods of boiling mature infected trees of Assam in a closed pan. Its distinct blend of smoky and sweet notes makes for a harmonious and subtle aroma that evolves over time. A few drops of this special Oud will last for months, and its versatility ensures it suits any time of day and complements a range of different body scents and temperatures.

Distilled: April 2014 (10 years)
Colour: Brownish Gold
Origin: India (Assam Region)
Smell: Smokey, honey like sweetness with mild earthy notes.
Applicator: 3ml/ 6ml/ 12ml Glass Bottle with dip stick for a smooth application.

Sampler: 1ml Glass Vial Bottle