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Pure 100% Authentic Deer Musk Grains SALE

Himalayan Deer Musk Grains - Musk POD

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Ameenroma - Pure 100% Authentic Deer Musk Grains - Jinko POD Kasturi (1 gram)

Musk Grains are DRIED and ready for tincture.  From Musk POD's deer-derived musk, its potency as an aphrodisiac is well documented. Even a minimal amount can impact the central nervous system.

Its aroma arouses the senses and energizes the spirit. It has a calming effect and can open up airways. Its power to induce a state of relaxation and euphoria has been proven, as have its benefits in treating sinus infections, headaches, and other illnesses.

Musk Grain comes from the Musk Pod and is used to scent tinctures and oils. As it matures, its scent intensifies and becomes more complex. Additionally, Musk Grain has long been utilized medicinally, helping with mental and physical fatigue, upset stomach, colitis, depression, low fevers, and more. It provides strength and comfort and offers a detoxifying effect. It's even been used as a remedy for snake bites! Further, its pheromones can facilitate meditation.

  • Contents: 1 gram Dried Himalayan Musk Grain