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Pure 100% Authentic Deer Musk Grains SALE

Himalayan Deer Musk Grains - Musk POD

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Ameenroma - Pure 100% Authentic Deer Musk Grains - Jinko POD Kasturi (1 gram)


Musk Grains are DRIED and ready for tincture. Direct from Musk POD
Musk's deer reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac has been well documented throughout history. Even the smallest amount of Musk can greatly effect the human central nervous system.
It's aroma fills the senses with a powerful assertiveness that transforms mental and spiritual energy. It is a powerful sedative which can quiet the mind while at the same time stimulating the respiratory system.
By doing so it relaxes the mind while increasing the flow of oxygen. This can lead to an incredible feeling of relaxed euphoria! Many have proven this exclusive mixture cures Chronic and Acute Sinus, headaches, dizziness and related illnesses.

Musk Grain is granular material obtained form the Musk Pod, used mainly for alcoholic solutions (tinctures) and oil maceration for perfuming or cosmetics. The aroma of the tincture becomes more intense over time during maceration and gives a pleasant sweet pungent musky-earthy odor. The maceration takes anywhere from 6 month to a year to reach a mature scent and if left to macerate for years will become extremely rich, aromatic and multi faceted in character.

Besides tincturing the Musk Grain for its scent, Musk has been shown to be very useful in medical cases of mental and physical fatigue leading to sleeplessness, for curing dyspepsia and colitis, and gives immediate relief when treating gout of the stomach or head. It is beneficial and is used as an ingredient in medicine treating general depression, low fevers, hoarseness, loss of speech and chronic affection of the lungs (Unani medicines). No other natural substance has such a complex aroma associated with so many contradictory descriptions

Musk is a dry, hot substance and has shown effectiveness when treating conditions of the respiratory system, weakness of the brain, epilepsy and psychiatric conditions. It is highly useful for cold weather chills, numbness or fatigue and has proven to be a good strength provider for the heart. It can act as a powerful detoxification agent (even as an antidote for snake bites) and is used to treat fever and inflammation, for reduction of swelling and abdominal pain. M

usk brings strength and comfort to the external organs when anointed with it. It helps against fainting, dizziness, shaking and for the ones who have excessive skin moistures. The medicinal benefits and healing properties of Pure Deer Musk are countless and proven amazingly powerful, and has therefore successfully been used in Eastern Medicine since the late 1800's.

In addition to the numerous medical benefits that musk encompasses, the strong olfactory properties within Musk has shown to positively effect the psyche, and aids when seeking heightened awareness during meditation and prayer. Musk is rare and rich with true pheromones by its natural animalic origin, and has remained one of the most prized fixatives in perfumes and sought after substance used as an aphrodisiac - to seduce and to attract.

  • Contents: 1 gram Dried Himalayan Musk Grain