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Egyptian Potion - Musk Perfume Oil
Egyptian Potion - Musk Perfume Oil

Egyptian Potion - Non Alcoholic Perfume Oil

$18.50 USD 

Ameenroma's Egyptian Potion - Pure Arabian Musk Fragrance Attar Oil

Notes filled with, Pure White Kasturi/ African White Rose/ Sandal Cedar / Patchouli
Egyptian Potion, the finest of exotic Musk available in the market today. Known for its seductive Musky scent, this attar oil can be used for many reasons and seasons.
Egyptian Potion has been used for over a thousand years. Renown for its attraction values from the opposite sex and mood creator for special occasions.

  • A musky seductive oil preferred by both man and woman.
  • Contents: 3ml /6ml/ 12ml (Non-Alcoholic, Full Fragrance Pure Oil)
  • Weight: 60/ 70/ 80 grams
  • For External Use Only