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White Oud Mukhallat

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White Oud Mukhallat -Blend

Mysterious soft woody notes blended with pure white musk, amber, bergamot and mild mandarin orange

White Oud Mukhallat is an exclusive blend of by Ameenroma. Years of experimentation lead us to this amazing fragrance both used by males and females.
A mixture of asian ouds, amber, white floral musky bergamot and mild mandarin orange brings the excitement in this pure fragrance.
Bursting with soft woody scent from the top notes, in due time one will realise how this mukhallat changes from woody to musky to leathry notes

Country of Origin: Singapore
Contents: (Selections: 3/6/12 ml)
Agarwood oud, floral musk, amber, mandarin orange
Bottle: Floral design with dip stick for easy application