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Black Musk Oil Infusion SALE
Black Musk Oil Infusion SALE

Ameenroma Black Musk Infusion - Soaked 3 Years

$32.00 USD $45.00 USD

Ameenroma's Black Musk Infusion - Soaked 3 Years

Pure Musk infused in pure Himalayan Black Musk Grains (3 years and counting) is a scent which is exclusively developed by Ameenroma Aromatic's finest. Ameenroma's Noor flourishes with a subtle, sensational smooth note from start to end. With a touch of sweetness and soothing reflection, this scent is made to perfection for one's inspirational and health benefits.

This Special Fragrance carries a special ingredient which come from the authentic wild deer musk Pod, which is only found in Central Asia, China, Mongolia and the Himalayas.With the right amount of secret pure oil mixture and years of experimentation and experience, Ameenroma Aromatics is proud to be the only manufacture of this perfume kind.


  • Contents: 1/3/6/12 ml (Non-Alcoholic, Full Fragrance Oil) - No Musk Grains Included
  • Scent: Musky, Velvety, Creamy, Sweet
  • Weight: 60/70/80 grams
  • For External Use Only