Ameenroma's Jasmine - Non Alcoholic Perfume Oil

Ameenroma Aromatics

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Ameenroma's Jasmine 

Ameenroma 100% natural perfume oils are produced to heal the body, freshen the mind, pleasure the spirit and arouses the senses. For the man and woman whom wants to educe love, confidence and hope. Creating a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. Made with pure essential oils. Free from alcohol and toxic synthetic fragrances. (*Ameenroma's finest Pure extract gives you the purest of Jasmin smell. Full contents of Jasmin Pure leave a lasting strong rich smell and sets the smell staying for long.)
  • Contents: 3ml/6ml/8ml (Non-Alcoholic, Full Fragrance Pure Oil)
  • Weight: 60/70/80 grams
  • For External Use Only